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  • How long does shipping take ?
A : Delivery times can vary depending on the final destination of your order. We work hard to ensure your order gets shipped within 2-5 business days of your purchase. Usually, it takes 7-15 days depending on which country you live. Be aware that, after placing your order, you will receive a shipment confirmation email once your order gets shipped, to the email that you provided at checkout.
  • Do you ship to foreign countries ?
      A : We offer global shipping, for free !
  • How can I cancel my order before it ships ?
A : There's no problem as long as your order hasn't been shipped. Please email us or private message us on Instagram and provide us the order number and any other permanent information.
  • How are your prices so low ?
A : We can sell all of your favorite hype shoes for the best prices, due to the fact that we sell UA or Unauthorized Authentic. Resellers and retail stores charge ridiculous prices for sneakers. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver those same shoes with the same quality for our customers, but at a much more affordable price. By doing this, we make expensive sneakers accessible to everyone who desire one.
  • What is UA?

A : ''UA'' stands for ''Unauthorized Authentic''. The whole concept of UA is that a single factory would produce a few thousand of the product and the factory is in charge of the entire process, from the beginning until the end of producing the product. For example if Nike were to place an order of 10,000 sneakers, the majority of the time the factory would overproduce and come out with 15,000 sneakers instead of 10,000. The extra pairs are there because some of them may not make it past the Quality Control process. Once Nike has inspected them and approved 10,000 pairs, the factory is then required to destroy the rest. Obviously, this doesn't happen so the factory sells it to third party resellers like us so you can benefit from the low prices that we offer. That's why it is called ''Unauthorized Authentic''